Some Kind of Wonderful

by Truckula

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"This doesn't contain any portions of the Some Kind Of Wonderful soundtrack. Rather, it's a soundtrack to the imaginary movie we live in right now both physically and in our minds. It came to me in a fever dream, from some ancient place, with the aid of the quarks in my atoms. It was my destiny to give birth to SKOW. Although the intention is to present this as a consistent whole, individually these beats were originally designed to go towards a wide variety of projects, over the course of about three years. There is always a chance a few of these may still fulfill their original plan, however, they are being presented here all freshly reworked, blended, and beefed-up. I welcome any vocalists who want to use this music, as long as you credit Truckula (although he is technically merely a conduit, or antennae for the divine force that guides his hand), and also credit iLL Chemist if you use his intro vocals. However, you can only use the last song "Turn to the Sky" for personal, not commercial use, and at your own risk, due to it containing samples that are not cleared. All other elements are original, composed on Logic Pro software, using a combination of loops, live synth patches, Roland SH01, Gibson SG guitar, Moogerfooger, Korg Kp3, Korg Kaossilator Pro, and Roland Sp404SX samplers...heck, I don't recall every piece of gear I/we used, since I was possessed by the Holy Spirit the whole 3 years it was being produced, but probably some other effects boxes and synthesizers are in there. A lot of people have been really supportive of what I do artistically, so this is my gift to all of ya'll. I love this stuff, and I love ya'll. Get into it, and let it creep you out in a perplexing and subversive way with deep meaning and sensitivity towards everything around you, which is made of the same basic elements as your flesh and bone. AHO METAKI OYASIN" - Truckula


released October 4, 2014

Everything by Truckula (although technically a conduit, rather than the source) except the intro rap by iLL Chemist, I think some guitar or maybe some synth by Paige Harrington, and the ending segment of "Turn to the Sky" which contains extensive portions of the song "minipops 67 [120.2]" (source field mix)" by Aphex Twin, and the song "People Are Strange," by The Doors (albeit both thoroughly ruined). Also a lot of ghost spirits and ethereal illuminations contributed substantially in ways that can never be fully explained.



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