Think Much, Cry Much Mammals

by Fancy Animal

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“I feel the need to provide a little background information about this album before I can feel comfortable calling this my newest release. Technically, these songs aren’t new, but granted they will be new to the majority of ears out there listening in this infinite world wide web we are all so drawn to. This album was written and recorded from January to September in 2012, which for me was a time of significant life changes (some good, some bad) and growth. It is easily my most personal album in my discography, being that Ginsu Wives doesn’t allow much space for personal feelings and thoughts due to the icky hallucinogenic world we’ve created, I don’t write lyrics for Sleep Today or Don’t Cry Paula which allows me to focus more on the musical side of things, which I enjoy and let’s not get started on what FACTS may or may not be. Anyway back to this album, due to the somber tone of the record, I kept it hidden away in my iTunes library and only let my closest friends hear it. It was the encouragement of my friends, which led me to finally put these songs out, free of charge, for anyone who would listen. Through the process of making this album, along with many long talks with truly wonderful friends, I made it out of the melancholy valley that helped me write these songs and moved on to higher ground. I took a few months off and began to record the rebuttal/companion piece to this record, which I am finishing up at the moment and hope to release in the coming months. I promise it will be a much lighter and happier ride (maybe, one never knows what life has in store), but for all those emotional masochists out there who love to flog themselves with art, please take this album and enjoy. If you like what you hear please check out some other projects I love being a part of at (Ginsu Wives new album in June, Sleep Today) and keep an eye out for my newest projects Don’t Cry, Paula and all the mad rhymes that will be coming your way from the 4817 crew and Rip Shop Records.” - {C} Facts {H} the {R} Fancy {I} Animal {S}

"We here at Rip Shop Records are proud to present what in many ways could be considered our most potent release thus far. We opened our doors to Chris, and the sheer depth of the album he reciprocated, far exceeded our wildest expectations. Although quite modest in design, the arrangements are lush, weaving together what would normally be considered disparate sub-genres, totally blurring the lines between trip-hop, darkwave, chillwave, industrial, alt R&B, instrumental hip hop, indie rock, and synth pop. That's because Chris has his own sub genres, one in each alter ego he conjures, and Fancy Animal is no exception, with its smooth cooing falsettos, EKG tempos, deep funk basslines, and rich atmospherics. It's a bedroom epic that chronicals one mans struggle through defeat, but for me it's all-day listening, perfectly at-home narrating nearly any moment in my life. The best thing about Fancy Animal though, is that there is more. Get the album he made before this one , and stay tuned because he tells me he already recorded two more." - Mad Trucker (Rip Shop Records)


released April 18, 2014

All songs written, produced, performed, and recorded by Chris Hairston, January through September 2012. Mastered by Chris Hairston. Cover art by Jason "Mad Trucker" Harrington



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